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At PMA Motor Factors Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing a huge range of car parts and spares. We can bring you specialist equipment for industrial vehicles, as well as a wide range of parts designed for regular vehicles. From engine parts to exterior panels, we'll source everything you need for an affordable price.

Car parts and spares

You can access:

•  Belts and pulleys

•  Brakes

•  Chemical treatments

•  Cooling and heating systems

•  Electrical systems

•  Engine management

•  Engine parts

•  Exhausts

•  Filtration

•  Interior and exterior

•  Lubricants and fluids

•  Steering and suspension

•  Transmission

•  Clutch parts

A huge list

In the extremely unlikely event that we don't have the right parts available for you, all you need to do is get in touch. Call our team on 01483 276 099, and we'll happily order the parts you need at an affordable price.

Don't see what you need?

Get all the car parts you'll ever need at prices you can afford.

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